Ready To Start

Your Journey

Everyone’s journey to reach to the decision to build a new home, renovate or add to your existing space is different. Just as is everyone’s vision of what they are looking to achieve is different.

You situation may be like many of our clients, you may have been dreaming about your new space or new kitchen for a long time and you’re ready to turn it into reality and you want to make a start.

Our clients come to us from various different stages ranging from rough sketches or wish lists through to detailed drawings. No matter what stage you are at we can provide you with a solution for all your building requirements. This includes our in house design service, building and planning permits.

Your budget is just as in important as your ideas and vision. We will work with you to ensure that your budget is met through great value design solutions. Budgets can be simply based on what you want or based on specific budget. We can show you where savings can be made by suggesting design options, or alternative finishes and fixtures. It’s all up to you.

Just as important as the design of your project are your finishes. These will contribute in a significant way to the look and feel of your home and they are also one of the areas that can have a big impact on the total build cost.